urban scooter

A project in collaboration with Franziska Heinze and Vivien Tauchmann. A complete outfit was designed, revised and produced. Minimalistic design, invisible functions, innovation and transformation were the points of our concept.
The transformable coat in a urban fit shopper, was my part of the outfit. On the backside of the coat an expandable rectangle is located, which integrated a backside protector. Moreover it can be used as a hassock. After further development of the rectangle a big graphic bag is sculpted. By turning inside the jacket in the bag you have no annoying inherit of your coat during shopping. The backside protector of the raglan coat is also the bottom of the bag.

Design & Concept: Franziska Heinze, Vivien Tauchmann, Laura Krettek
Sponsor: W. L. Gore & Associates, Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut e.V.
Photos: Laura Krettek
Model: Sarah Schindler