The city at night, a fascinating scenario. The night encased the city like a kind of a dark coat, which wants the fluorescent and vibrant city light for itself alone. „Licht im Dunkel“, is a homage to my most personal, creative, concentrated, productive and efficient working atmosphere, „the night“!
Transmissions to find with a wearable model, was an extraordinary and intensive way to deal with the topic. The peculiarities of a night like shadows, lights or sounds will be perceived on a level which we used unfortunately rarely. Exactly this level abducted our senses in other worlds. The feeling, all sleep, I am alone in this world is extremely inspiring. The material mix is also a translation of this issue. Recycled leather and fake leather, is an allegory of roughness and shady darkness and also the silk stands for an intensive fluorescence but also for the shallow tickles of a city at night.

Design & Concept: Laura Krettek
Photos: Laura Krettek
Makeup & Hair: Laura Krettek
Model: Olivia