Most compelling biological concepts could be reproduced by Mimicry which not only understands the dynamic and energetic imitation of natural growth, but rather lets artistically grow the amorphous shapes into sculptural structures, so that the collection is surrounded by a progressive avant-garde character. Threatening and elegant at the same time appear material and
structure. The skeletal structure of the dressing accessories highlights the rebellious character and must be interpreted as a separate component, evolved from the body. The tapered shaped elements support the character of elegance and grace. By partition the human form, and in combination with animal seeming skins, in exchange with our own, this collection creates a fashionable illusion in which humans and animals are coalesced.
„Mimicry Black Collection“ combines extravagant and eccentric elements to excite by an exceptional style and get attention to encourage a rethink.

Design & Concept: Laura Krettek
Sponsors: some nice Cyclist with a broken inner tube
Photos: Susann Jehnichen, Laura Krettek
Model: Theresa, Ramona, Lisa