INTER | ACTION was motivated by the experimental investigation of the interaction between human, material and form and the analysis of the resulting results. The wearable art objects of this collection were developed from materials of architecture, which were transformed into textile-like materials. Concrete, iron powder and acrylic were formed into an interesting surface with the help of magnets. Optical illusions were also part of the concept where hard and pointed surfaces appear like folded suede. The carbon skirt of the ‚Concreather‘ model, which is cut into strips, sets an elegant contrast to the rest of the outfit due to its metallic appearance and emphasizes the female body thanks to its special joining technique.

Design & Concept: Laura Krettek
HTWK Leipzig – Forschungsgruppe Nachhaltiges Bauen (Institut für Betonbau)
SKZ- Das Kunststoff-Zentrum
Tischlerei Krettek
Photos: Laura Krettek
Video: filmaton
Music: Micronaut
Model: Annuschkatz