„Transmit Motion,“ dealt with the transfer of the artist’s own interpretations of visual representations of sound patterns and the visualization of movement on clothing. The inspiration was sound waves. Starting from the dynamics of graphical frequency spectra, a series of surface structures could be created in the course of own experimental investigations of surface manipulations, which intensify the movement on the body through clothing.

The optical illusion of movement on the models was created by material manipulations, structure series and material contrasts. The used surface finishes were made in fine handwork. The technoid look was created by special materials such as synthetic substances, silicones, foams or metal textiles. For example the wave series of plastic rods, developed for the ‚Interference‘ model, deceives interfering frequency waves on the moving body. This gives the impression of differently shrill tones.

Design & Concept: Laura Krettek
Sponsor: Tischlerei Krettek
Photos: Jörg Singer & Laura Krettek
Makeup & Hair: Constance Lenz
Video: filmaton
Model: Sam