Laura Krettek, lives and works in Leipzig. In 2016 she completed her
master’s degree in fashion design at the „College of Applied Art Schneeberg“.

During her education she completed several internships in Budapest at the „National
Theater of Hungary“ and discovered her enthusiasm for elaborate costumes. Through her
high affinity for science fiction films, she likes to deal with such silhouettes in her artistic
work. As a result, her greatest passion is the development of new surfaces as well as
experimental fashion design. Through the interest in extraordinary techniques, materials
and phenomena of this world, she creates steadily unusual creations.

With the tendency to the unusual, she already developed a progressive avant-garde
collection in Borås (Sweden) in 2014, at Högskolan i Borås, which, by means of simulated
skeletal structures, reflects the rebellious character in her fashion. Menace and elegant at
the same time, material and structure appear in their works. Her methods are conceptual
and interdisciplinary. Going beyond the limits of fashion, she haunts determined progressive
ways in terms of surface design, textile production, fashiontech and craftsmanship.